About Us

Mission Statement

Subterranean Boring Inc provides complete raise bore services to our customers worldwide. In addition to contracting, Subterranean Boring Inc has the unique situation of manufacturing all the equipment needs for every facet of the raise bore industry. This allows us to offer our customers the lowest price with the best customer service in the industry.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to be the largest complete raise bore company in the world. With excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and availability of products and services, Subterranean Boring Inc has the tools to be the largest in the world.

History of the Company

The original company was founded in 1980 by Bruce and Stuart Blattner. Today Stu Blattner Inc. headquarters are located in Golden, Colorado at the base of the Rockies.  Subterranean Boring Inc is currently one of the largest raise bore companies in the USA. We currently have 13 machines in operation on three continents. In addition to our contracting services we also manufacture raise boring machines, reaming heads, cutters, and drill pipe. This puts us in a unique situation of supplying ourselves with all the equipment needed for a job. This allows us to provide clients with the lowest possible price for their raise bore needs.